India is a challenge – there is no two ways about it!

You may be living in India because it is the country of your birth.  You may also be a foreigner living here, exploring or working.

Indian citizens have inculcated a special set of skills to navigate the challenges in India, since they develop them while growing up.  It’s brutal for foreign citizens, since it is all so different.  What is simple and normal outside India, becomes a humongous challenge here.

The changes in India are rapid and huge, both social and governmental.  It will knock your socks off, if you are not mentally prepared to handle it.  You either must run out of India or stay here and fight.

The lure of India, with its global promise of age old cultures and traditions, and the promise of untold riches through modernization, is intoxicating.  However, you will surely trip up, in one word – Corruption!

I conjured up www.indiachallenges.com for sharing the experience of people living in India!”  It may help some live a better and happy life.  It may inspire others to stand up and fight for rights and things that really matter.

A short list of areas that I hope we can cover are –  Corruption, Government, Industry and Business, Pollution, People and Culture, Safety and Security, Education and Travel.

Like the age-old adage – “Better to be prepared than sorry!”

Prakash Kota

Bangalore, India

30 May 2017