Bellandur Lake – NGT Order Illegal…

Bellandur Lake NGT Order Illegal
This is absolutely brilliant!

A friend called me about an hour ago and told me that the High Court of Karnataka had stayed all the Orders issued by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), New Delhi, regarding Bellandur Lake!

The Order was issued today (15 June 2017) by the Chief Justice of Karnataka, Honorable Subro Kamal Mukherjee, and Honorable Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar, in Writ Petition WP 25881/2017, filed by Shashi Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
This is the gist of the matter. I have not read the petition, but this is what I was told by a reliable source. Apparently, the National Green Tribunal, New Delhi, has no jurisdiction over the city of Bangalore! Hence, all the Orders passed by it with respect to Bellandur Lake, which is situated in the city, is null and void.

As always, I’m shocked, but not surprised, by this blatant Abuse of Power. How can the Justices at the NGT not know that they do not have jurisdiction over the city of Bangalore? Even kids know what they can do and what they can’t.
I had contended in my earlier posts that the Closure Order by the Karnataka State Pollution Board (KSPCB) was illegal and violated the fundamental rights guaranteed by Article 21, of the Constitution of India. As such 488 industries were closed for 40 days (05 May 2017 to 15 Jun 2017) and BESCOM had even disconnected electric power. At a minimum, 25,000 employees lost their livelihood for 40 days. Further, the credibility, reputation, goodwill and brand of the 488 industries have taken a severe beating. Some of them will never recover from the economic losses. I would dare to say that the damages are in excess of Rs. 1000 crores. Will someone pay for it?

Now, let’s wait and see if there is any sense of urgency by the Government of Karnataka, KSPCB and BESCOM to connect back the electricity to these 488 industries and restore their livelihood.

Bellandur Lake now needs the correct medicine to come alive. This time around, the Government of Karnataka, the BWSSB, BDA, Bangalore Urban Development, BBMP and the KSPCB, should get the job done right.

We are all watching – the 12 million people of Bangalore and the citizens of the world!

One thought on “Bellandur Lake – NGT Order Illegal…

  1. Excellent article by you. You have also contributed in a big way to get this stay by filing a case on your own. With best regards, subramanian.s, spc international


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